Sunday, October 16, 2011

Checking In with ya'll Solar Lot Lizards *grin*

Taking a full load at UNC-Greensboro: Weather and Climate, Remote Sensing, Music Appreciation and German 204 (my fourth and final semester, maybe!). Very busy. For my Remote Sensing project I have approval to analyze the 5 main park n ride lots in Chapel Hill (where I live, commute to Greensboro by car or train) for electrical capacity. Yeah! My professor says to put the distribution lines on the final image/map as well. And to include costing data in my report. Ugh. However, there is a solar company within a mile of me. I emailed one company and they completely ignored me! Are they part of the 1%'ers?

Speaking of the very few in power that have previously ran our nation, I fully believe that it is their greed for more money that has the solar industry making such a slow start. Here in NC, the net metering wasn't approved until many citizens got involved - the Utility Commission in this state is clearly being lobbied by Duke Energy! And their repetitive requests for 18% residential rate increases as well as gaining approval for a coal plant nobody wanted and studies showed was not needed (Cliffside). I remember one protest I went to: very friendly & positive: yet one lady tells me, "I don't care how they make my money, I just want my money!" Now that is typical of what I believe is the attitude behind what those "Occupying" want to change. Personally, I'm into saving the planet. I love life. Period. End of line.

I also am going to go through with another project I have in mind as I'll be able to use most of what I'm gathering for this project for that one. I hope they keep the computer lab open on campus (in our Geography building) over the semester break! I plan on using it daily! For this project I am planning on a poster for the output - and planning on selling it at UNC-Chapel Hill events once I obtain a peddler's license! These kids love their school (most do, right?!) and the Sustainability Office here at UNC-CH has already changed their Chancellor's decision on going with renewable energy prior to his deadline! So, back to work! Let's get this party started! *grin*

many smiles~ Joy

ps - stay tuned!

Thursday, July 7, 2011



I haven't thought I had time to do anything with pursuing my passion for solar parking lots lately, but you know what? Time takes care of itself.

This is basically an introduction to me. I'm a returning college student, did over ten in the Air Force, then about ten at home while my boys were in middle & high school. I take classes at Durham Tech and at UNC-Greensboro. I'm a Geography major, with a concentration in Physical Geography, though as I was a mainframe computer operator in the Air Force, I am loving the GIS applications and pursue them as much as possible (though time is rather tight right now!).

I had the brilliant idea for solar parking lots about 5 years ago & started researching on the web. I found one company out west that was putting them up! Envision Solar. I did a GIS study on the amount of paved parking in Greensboro (10.27 square miles of it) and then calculated the capacity to generate electricity when covered with pv - it was more than enough to power the 250,000 residents of Greensboro. In fact, one calculation I did showed where we could replace 5 coal plants with just that city's pv parking lots! Envision Solar changed their numbers after a while (in fact didn't even post them on the website) but I didn't recalculate.

I've taken PV Design and Advanced PV Design classes online. I plan on creating my own solar carport for a electric bicycle I will be putting together soon. I'll keep ya'll posted!

I try to keep abreast of the latest in solar energy news (and climate change in general). Please follow me on Twitter: @solarparkinglot

Nice to meet you!