Sunday, October 16, 2011

Checking In with ya'll Solar Lot Lizards *grin*

Taking a full load at UNC-Greensboro: Weather and Climate, Remote Sensing, Music Appreciation and German 204 (my fourth and final semester, maybe!). Very busy. For my Remote Sensing project I have approval to analyze the 5 main park n ride lots in Chapel Hill (where I live, commute to Greensboro by car or train) for electrical capacity. Yeah! My professor says to put the distribution lines on the final image/map as well. And to include costing data in my report. Ugh. However, there is a solar company within a mile of me. I emailed one company and they completely ignored me! Are they part of the 1%'ers?

Speaking of the very few in power that have previously ran our nation, I fully believe that it is their greed for more money that has the solar industry making such a slow start. Here in NC, the net metering wasn't approved until many citizens got involved - the Utility Commission in this state is clearly being lobbied by Duke Energy! And their repetitive requests for 18% residential rate increases as well as gaining approval for a coal plant nobody wanted and studies showed was not needed (Cliffside). I remember one protest I went to: very friendly & positive: yet one lady tells me, "I don't care how they make my money, I just want my money!" Now that is typical of what I believe is the attitude behind what those "Occupying" want to change. Personally, I'm into saving the planet. I love life. Period. End of line.

I also am going to go through with another project I have in mind as I'll be able to use most of what I'm gathering for this project for that one. I hope they keep the computer lab open on campus (in our Geography building) over the semester break! I plan on using it daily! For this project I am planning on a poster for the output - and planning on selling it at UNC-Chapel Hill events once I obtain a peddler's license! These kids love their school (most do, right?!) and the Sustainability Office here at UNC-CH has already changed their Chancellor's decision on going with renewable energy prior to his deadline! So, back to work! Let's get this party started! *grin*

many smiles~ Joy

ps - stay tuned!