Thursday, January 30, 2014

Climate Change Science That Has Me Passionate About Solar Parking Lots

Here are the references and video links:

References Links
Why I Must Speak Out About Climate Change with Dr. James Hansen

James Hansen Explains Climate Change and the Solution

James Hansen:  We Are Only Beginning To Feel Climate Change's Impact

James Hansen:  To Save Our Planet

Climate Change:  James Hansen on Tipping Points, Carbon Tax and Organized Denial

James Hansen:  Humanity Cannot "Adapt"

This is not Cool with Peter Sinclair  

Understanding the Jet Stream with Dr. Jennifer Francis  

 Climate 101 with Bill Nye 

Rutger's Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rapid Arctic Warming & Wacky Weather: Are They Related?  by Dr. Jennifer Francis  

James Balog

James Balog

Polar Ice Loss:  Picking Up the Pace by John D. Cox

South Florida's Rising Seas

Sea Level Rise Panel Discussion

Global change: The ocean is warming, isn't it?   doi:10.1038/465304a

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

I've totaled up most of the chain stores in NC (wish I was using ESRI's Business Analyst to be sure this is all!)  and I'll post a chart with the totals.  Without including drug stores I've got 2089.  That's a lot of parking lots to cover!  (I'll get busy analyzing soon.)  The heavy pavers are Food Lion with 853 stores (just NC!) Walmart with 168 stores in NC, Harris Teeter with 144 stores in NC and Lowes Home Improvement with 114 stores in NC.   

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